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Heal the world with music


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Dear: Mayor: Help me provide at risk youth alternatives to doing bad. My name is Jeffery Rhodes Sr. over 18 years I have invested time to find what would be the best of the best program empowering youth. Music is number one empowerment for youth today. I designed 1500 Instrumental (views and listen to hundreds of original tracks on my website www.feedtheworldtour.com/about song dedicated to helping youth make songs and achieve performing on stage and selling tickets they keep all the proceeds (-tax). This program teaches youth business and opportunity. They create their own record labels while participating in a food drive to share with the community for free. These are big influences were teaching youth leadership into development of businesses and how to use valuable land (venues) and properties to have huge events bringing family and community together.

I want to bring my instrumental beats to every city and every town. But I can’t do it alone I need your support for the program because my beats are not the best however if we can reach these youth it will change them for sure. I also have other beat makers ready to join my cause for youth like a-laced beats. I have thousands of on line subscribers ready to come to the aid of this program. I need the mayor to help me since they have influence, and I ask everyone (you) to call their (your) mayor and send them my music video at (https://youtu.be/i3vGx2TXzb4) Tell the mayor that you think the program would help at risk youth! 

If you want to donate you can send a check to: Beats4books 7290 SW 164th Terrace Beaverton Oregon 97007 - to Jeffery Rhodes - We need funding to bring youth the opportunity to go around on a tour bus performing during the summer if they stay in school and out of trouble during the school year.

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Working to provide free music production, mentorship, stage performing, local and state to state touring for all ages, community support, and mentorship are the main goals of this program. This Program is currently in financial crises and needs community support to continue.

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Our Work

My work is to help at-Risk-Youth from making bad choices - My work comes from 7 years of research and a lifetime of commitment to everything I have ever tried. My work is to help feed everyone from every family that can be reached that needs the food.

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There are single mothers everywhere that need help with there youth who is involved with music. If you are a mentor, a devoted father, community leader a honest human and would like to try mentoring youth that have a dream involving music email me and lets get you up to speed.


Our Work
My work is to help at risk youth I as I was one. I was one of the worst, I got beat up or I beat up someone everyday. I ran away and took things because I wanted them regardless what the owner thought. Not wanting to go back to jail I over time my I came to understand the development of thug thinking. I can help others make better choices and I feel it is my duty because no other youth have survived like me from my whole city. This program replaces then desire with actual ability to achieve that desire. Anything a youth can imagine I can produce in the music and art perspective. I have all the skills to run any software, hardware, including movie making software. I use that to help youth in my community if they stay out of trouble.  If I have other people like me such as chemists, auto mechanics, cooking, clothing design do the same it would even be more successful.

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