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This program is a series of opportunity for anyone but mainly for at risk youth. The concept main idea is that offering an opportunity in exchange for being good, out of trouble, and staying in school. So for example a 20 year old normally in trouble youth would take this opportunity becasue it will offer performing on stage for money. or opportunity, sell tickets and more.


Apply for a grant with this information to help you apply and get a grant in your community to do a event you like to do

Jump start an annual feedtheworldtour event in your community see more at

Section 1

Application information

Project Title: Feedtheworldtour Kick Off

Neighborhood served:

Organization: Beats4books Concepts

Grants Fund Request:  $4,000.00 to $6700.00

501C Status (No)  Might need a fiscal sponsor 

Fiscal sponsor Do you know someone)


Phone: 503.975.9722

Partner Organization: The Rhodes music group


Section 2

Briefly describe the project ad how the funds will be used as indicated in the budget. (Use this space to provide a narrative of the project with the relevant budget itemization.




Grant desired start up demo










Food     (Training Time)




Space Rental  Seminar/Training








Transportation  (Community)




Event - Insurance




Equipment (rental)




Stage Rental




  1. Advertisement for radio, TV, and Internet best price for commercial. A 2000 would give great radio coverage all over Portland. Comcast Spotlight, newspaper, Facebook, craigslist, door to door. Work performed by Jeffery Rhodes (400 Hours preparation)
  2. $200 min order for flyers $350.00 would give us better and bigger flyers to help promote and get more sponsors. Drafted by Jeffery Rhodes (Artwork –Audio)
  3. To feed 10 people (volunteers) for 10 days $5 bag of food. (for one day of promotion or other work)
  4. Rental Space to give out food and entertainment with the youth and local bands. Localized venue with insurance policy contract.
  5. Training to pay for food and transportation to introduce to mentors and volunteers how to go out and get businesses and people to support the program. (Script practice in teams)
  6. Transportation to pay for 10 people for 10 days to go out and knock on doors and businesses to get support for the program. (Passes are $5 per day adult)


Section 3. How will the project meet the fundamental requirements: Create and build community, engage new and diverse communities, sustain those already involved? Strengthen existing program, increase community and neighborhood impact on public decisions.

We work to raise an event every 90 days 3 to 4 times a year (mostly 3 for down time)

Bring family and community together on a regular bases for music, culture, arts and crafts and storytelling)

We strengthen local service when we create and distribute Event programs with local information in it.

Website sharing, partnerships and support types. Available sponsorship's such as hosting a box to collect food for 2 weeks in the lobby, lunchroom or office.

We create family intervention with our music opportunity – family members get to have fun and entertainment with family that come to support their youth family member.

Integrate into local programs by sharing local services to the members through our internet sharing and literature.

We offer many local services to those who support our programs but local businesses and services is the goal and to connect members together to tell them about the events that we are doing.

Program is GOTV (Get out the Vote campaign) Encouraging governments and public speaking.

New Business creation.

Increase Graduation rates

Lower domestic police reports

More car washing and BBQ to help youth raise money for things wanted as long as they keep busy in school and out of trouble.

All ages events, friendly fun environment anyone can perform a whole day event community volunteers and youth working together.


Section 4 –

Describe who will benefit from this project?

The whole community will benefit because we bring food and entertainment to the whole community.

How many people will be engaged?

About 6000 or more

How will the outreach be conducted?

Door to door including business and non-profits, email, fax,

How will the project welcome diversity?

Community youth local community bands all ages, local businesses, local non-profits in any major city (see list of cities on website) based on number of wanted bands if not in Portland Vancouver area. Youth will find mentors, parents, older sibling to help with their music. They work and meet with other mentors to determine a show for the youth to perform.


Section 5 – Provide a simple timeline for your project, including your expected start and completion dates and any major project milestones. (I do all the work in house)

90 Days of promotion

Week 1.  Advertisements – Newspaper –TV-Radio (looking for mentors, interns, sponsors, pastors)

Week 3. Training (how to canvass and contact businesses)

Week 4 Community – hands on Door to door, business to business

Week 6 Call backs (calling back people to support at work a box)

Week 7.  Organize (Mentors get together on Google or in person)

Week 8.  – Forecast (tickets, space, chairs, food and drinks, security)

Week 9. Radio (put out radio ad push ticket sales and last minutes pros and clothing and makeup)

Week 10 Pre party get together

Week 11 get music and finalize all programs and internets marketing and promotions

Week 12. Get ready re show party night before last minute stuff ( get together with crew and artist for program and last minute typo errors and spelling approvals, printing and badge design for VIP and other last minute stuff)


Section 6.

Explain how collaborating organizations or partners will be involved in the successful implementation of the grant project. Include a contact name, phone, and email or each partner organization. If relevant.


Name of company


Job Title/purpose/contact

Batease Worldwide

Batease Brown

Music, Mentor, http://

Rhodes Music Group

Lamont Rhodes

Owner sponsor (business license, insurance ect) www.

Straightlace Productions

Jeffery Rhodes

Food bank (Beaverton)


Pick up and drop off barrels

Internet Social Network ( internships, volunteers,)












Section 7.

Describe how you will implement your project if not fully funded.

Cut corners if possible or just give the money back – Also currently looking for sponsorships and have a sponsorship page on my website, selling VIP tickets (event is free –VIP with seating ansnacks)

Section 8.

What impact with the project have in your community.

Creativity from youth

Raised grades in high schools

Mentors for youth

Food for the hungry

More food available to families

More job opportunities opportunity