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beaverton clos closewt

Beaverton School District clothes closet campaign

16550 SW Merlo rd


This place offers free clothing for low income students attending beaverton schools call for more information.  Far as I can tell, you must have some sort of admittance slip (available at school office) This is great for kids in school with a home but what about the homeless kids with no coats? So I want to do a coat drive for homeless kids without coast and not in school so they cant go to the office to get a slip. (will you help me?)

Hi my name is Jeff Rhodes myself or someone on the behalf of beats4books and the usprogram need your help. We (I) would like to do a fundraiser (coats) and give out what we raise at an event, where everyone who participated gets first dibs on a coat or maybe two depending. The one artist who raises the most coats gets to pick first and gets 2 coats. However it is hard for businesses to give (like stores) without a 501 (c) so I need your help as a fiscal sponsor. I will apply for a 501 © I am just starting out and not sure of a name yet.  If you agree to lets us use your tax id number I will give you all the remaining coats that we don’t get rid of though our procedure.

This would be a coast drive and exchange where you can bring a coat and get a coat.

The purpose of this is allow the youth to put together a business plan to do a music show with a purpose. This will give the youth a meaning to care and it resonates. My program is on power-point presentation on my home page.


If this is ok, please send whatever information you need. Here is my business license and artist ASCAP information of my Artist/Mentor/Mentor

Basically we are looking for places to have cool events and let the younger generation have fun too if they stay in school and working hard, out of trouble. All a program designed to help youth deal with all sorts of issues.

Check out 31 flavors of this program broken down blog by blog. Please check out the blogs and leave your comment. This will make is 32 programs

The coolest part of this program is looking for mentors that are willing to mentor youth for free with incentives and a $500 check if youth stays on track, and both work the program

I have artist that I help and work with at our events. The music is appropriate for the age invited and families as well. If you are an artist and would like to be a part of this show it is easy to start a gig. Just go to my home page and follow the power point instructions.

Basically youth music artist get their friends and family to start a coat drive at your work or with your family. (See front page of website Then:  (1). They would go to local businesses and hand them a flyer I have prepared for them.(asking can I bring down a box for coat donations for 2 weeks from fellow employees) (big stores) (2) Next you bring boxes with the flyer already attached (see front page of my web site. if they allow you bring a box and collect a full box of coats for 2 weeks whatever. (3)Whoever get 75 coast first first wins head line position and will play at the event when we give out the coats before the show! – And helps to give out the coats (this is easy)

I want to promote this on TV and radio - I would like to fund-raise but I am not a non-profit. I do non-profit work but because of copy-write laws and contracts I can't be a non-profit. The music the youth made would become property to the government so I can't do that and that's why I need your support. Please watch the PowerPoint presentation on my home page and enlarge the show - just click below.

I will campaign to coast companies to help and comment on the progress to help support this project.

This is a great program please support. I am a community projects coordinator for US Program constantly looking for ways to build a product called beats4books concepts, developed after 8 years of research and in the trenches of the hardest communities on the west coast posting signs and receiving phone calls concerning this issue, including 10,000 surveys, and professional guidance and advice from people like Senator Rod Monroe a senior state senator of Oregon and house representative Lew Fredrick among others. My community skills come from being trained by Multnomah county democrats who are single hands  responsible for anything taking Portland into the new millennium. I am the former house district leader and appointed by Oregon Democratic Party chair KC Hansen
If you help us you will be a part of a great new movement and unstoppable force, think of the many lives you will be saving 1 life is with it and you have fun– The program is not a business so the government can’t destroy or control it. It is designed by opportunity, contacts, and dedication, but a concept to protect the community youth privacy and opportunity rarely promoted for such reasons. Creating businesses and preventing themselves harm caused by the hardships of the community, by becoming more active, given opportunity and that is why it is most important that you say yes.

Thank you for your time to read my blog

Jeffery Rhodes











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