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My name is Jeff Rhodes, if you read this letter and help me you will be a part of the solution – Back Ground!  For 8 years I have been testing and surveying important issues in the urban communities, directly relate to big problems and working on solutions to give youth options and choices. I came up with a program that promotes business but the profits go back into the community in money and help for food so women don’t have to steal to feed their kids. Young kids and their music inspire the community.

The company is run by directors who meet once a month and make decisions. The business runs on a consensus vote and directors and voted in by a second. This program will help become a guide to motivate one another through the networking and gatherings. We set up community food outreach post at a local event to give out food. This can be at any community business, venue, club, open place. Great if there is a stage we can use. Youth can perform sell tickets to their friends and family and keep 100 percent of the money if they stay in school and out of trouble.

Youth get magazine interviews if they improve in school.  This program is chief and I need your support. I am a beat maker for over 20 years you can hear my music on my website at www.feedtheworldtour.com  go to the bottom menu for music. Download a song and support the program. I support a great new cause call the Beats4books concept. One that if you just think about the opportunity it would bring alone in addition to the many benefactors to all the people in every community everyone could benefit and support each other, more intervention and contractual based agreements. I have a program that’s starts businesses where the money don’t go to big corporate owners it go to the community members.

It has taken me 8 years to come up with this program and it is very complex. But the main Idea is to feed everyone in the community every night while having nice sounding local music playing, with contests and national games and everyone involved makes something for their time. The more time you spend the more you get.

All youth must stay out of trouble or they lose their money for that event, and there spot. We need to go to local businesses and ask them to allow us to collect food and give it to the local community at a venue or community building for free to those who sign up. Youth can make music and sell their music on our website that gets support from ordinary people who like your music. If they buy a cd they get a free season pass to all that artists events.

We create better friendships because they are based on having fun and performing good sounding music. This alone will save the community from starving, prevent homelessness in youth and offer extra money instead of begging for food.

Will you sign my petition?

I have a program that will help prevent gang killings, homelessness, starvation in the world, prevent meth use and other addictions, support and make your community safer! I need your support – Help big problems in your city! Prevent Meth addiction! Prevent Crime! Help homelessness, Give hope! This program can help motivate your community!

My petitions
Please sign these and help move this mission forward!

Aug 28, 2015 Stop Salem Paramedics from hurting citizens
Jul 27, 2015 support the solution
Jun 29, 2015 Make the state police stop using wrong information when addressing citizens
Mar 26, 2015 Guns down Microphones and cameras up
Jun 12, 2014 Help prevent High school Killings
Apr 28, 2014  Victory!! Help Teens Stay In School
Apr 23, 2014 Stay in school

How are you? My name is Jeffery Rhodes and for 8 years I have been looking for ways to inspire at risk youth, homeless, hungry, recovering AA/NA members, all over the USA With this awesome tool that will inspire everywhere. I call it a concept it’s the (beats4books concepts) that I refer to. This mean you can offer a at risk youth a opportunity and they work to that goal that is what they want to do. Beats4books can be applied in many ways. A powerful thing about this tool/concept is that it brings new opportunity; new friend’s together, new relationship, and new small businesses.

We go into the trenches working to improve lack of food conditions for the community and inspiration to imagine bigger ideas. This program is what we have been waiting for. It took me 8 years to make it and now I am calling on you. Money is made, food prepared, face painting and other arts for kids.

This program is an alternative for meth users, and other drugs it’s a way for folks to give back, get a long and work together for the youth and self, inspired by the professionals. We give youth something better than a gun and gangs that is a microphone and a stage with their favorite artists, and the big difference in this program is that the money goes back into the community to help those in need and not to big corporations. People in the community invest time and effort with new ideas into the picture.
To make this happen in your community I need your support. If this sounds cool check out my website at www.feedtheworltour.com
It addresses the issues of:
1. Gangs/guns
2. Crime
3.  Drugs/abuse
4.  Jobs
5.  Homelessness
6.  Starvation
7.  And more…
How it works..
It is a business where the profit from the business goes to the consumer and not the rich business owner. I have a great concept and once you apply it to the community it brings never before options, income and opportunity for anyone.
Interns from local colleges to canvass the community looking to rebuild the community with a concept called beats4books: That is you can offer an at risk youth an opportunity in exchange they will finish school on time and stay out of trouble. Na and AA meetings members and the local supporters go canvassing in the community to find places we can give out free food to the community. Places with a stage we need to let youth perform for the community. Once we find a building, venue, club, bar, park, community business or where ever we consider entertainment, car washing, yard work and more. All the money goes to the community.
We find local youth bands and let them perform and sell tickets to the show opening for a bigger local band or major act depending on recruitment for our program and volunteers we find. The kids get to keep all the money from the ticket sells they keep 100 percent if they stay in school and out of trouble. If there are people in the community that needs food they can have a bag per show they attend. They also can sell tickets to their family and keep ½ of the proceeds as well. Everyone works as a community and receives a benefit except me. I run it but only get my share like everyone else.
It works because we give everyone what they want in the community, what they need and all at the cost of relaxing and enjoying music and entertainment.
This problem solving program gives everyone what they want. This program is made to help everyone in the world and if you support it we will change the world. The program is complex but addresses all the big issues in our communities. The thing about this program is it is offered all over the USA. Support anyway you can and check out our website www.feedtheworldtour.com
Thank You
Jeffery Rhodes
Email: jeff@feedtheworldtour.com


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