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Hi how are you my name is Jeff  Rhodes asking who to talk to about putting something in your program for Sunday worship/prayer?  I have the perfect program it is just perfect called the us program - We both want the same things -to prevent gang violence - to help the youth - to give back to the community -

. Please leave a comment.

Today am a part time volunteer for any community and what I am trying to do it is going to take your help since it's for your community. This program is all we need to take down big problems - It is powerful and meaningful but I need messengers and to get people support.

Question # 1. I am starting up a music and art program were youth 15 - 26 can perform and show off and sale there art and music - if they stay out of trouble - and finish school. This will be done at the school level.

I am trying to find as many would like to be mentors as I can to help walk with these youth. Each mentor will make there own profile and story then the youth and the parent can look together for a good mentor. We need a way to connect mentors all across the nation with resources and voices to help people come together. I need help telling people about my program it’s called the USProgram (Because every time you say it your talking about yourself) it is a universal super program. 

I had the hardest head in the community from one of the larger families of 11 siblings and me being in the middle.left out but I survived many did not (RIP) I have the reformatting of hood mentality - you can leave a comment below. Please leave a comment.

What I am trying to do in your community, and your churches is to post boxes in  that receive food and give the food the youth family's in need towards the end of the month. We collect and at the end of the month we celebrate how much food we collected and let the youth perform there music, art or dance if they stay out of trouble.
Youth Artist - can sell tickets and keep all the money if they stay out of trouble. (They get there own VIP section based on support) Will you help me.
This is a great mission please support us. Cool thing about this program is I don't even need to be there. Many community members are ready to mobiles opportunity.

Is that something we could post in your program? could we take a donation and  use that donation to promote the event and prepare. I would appreciate it and I am interested in having a music show at your church as well - is that possible. - you can leave a comment below.

I would like to have an event at your church with the people that already come there. This would be my opportunity to potentially find mentors to help youth who want to start community music bands and do music, and mothers to seek mentors.

This is an opportunity for the youth to help give food to the community and feel like they are making a difference and can see it. The mentor ship program is about helping kids keep a big dream alive.

Mentors help youth music group stay together and work tighter. Several mentors together work as a team to set up performances and they charge money or food to get into the event. We need families to be support each other and reconnect for a fun reason. This is to give kids real hope.

We ask the parent to talk to the mentor first, meet in public. The parents are introduced through community food drives, the churches or clubs, the mentors and other volunteers profit or non profits.

I would like to post a box in your lobby to collect the food to give away free at the event. We post up a flyer with info Next to the box. Get an email sent out – 

The youth bands or groups must do the mentorship program to help them, they can change mentors anytime. The bands get licenses and insurance bonds, they get to perform across town and tour on music genre during the summer if grades are up and not in trouble. - Please leave a comment.

The whole time we are collecting food and at the event we change $10- bucks to get into the musical show. Kids sell tickets to their family, friends and fans and public and social websites. You come to the event and take a bag of food whatever you want or you can bring food to get into the event.
Food bank takes all the extra food we can't get rid of. This really will straighten out these kids because you can go places and see things my program is USA because kids these days see far beyond and want to go actually see things. Please help me. I have been trying this for 7 years and I know now it needs to start now. This is the only logical thing we can hand kids to get them to put down the guns. Nothing else will work – We will see immediate results of its effect within months we can bring down domestic violence, hunger and get kids to work harder in school. I have personally asked kids about this program they go nuts. The thousands of adults that have taken my survey most also say this would be a great program. I have State Sen. Rod Monroe and State House Rep Lew Frederick as well agrees and likes my program. I just need more support help it succeed and actually do something.

Look it does not matter where your church is. I don’t have to be there to run the event its already there I just have the foundation they can walk through. I need community organizers to team up and I need your voice as well. Will you help me? If so here are ways that you can also help:
You can do any of the following to help out. - you can leave a comment below.

  1. Let us collect food –Post information flyers
  2. Give a cash donation (make check to beats4books)
  3. Rent a sales or information booth at an event
  4. Send out an email to your members or friends -we need mentors who want to mentor youth involved with music.
  5. Sell tickets to our event on your social networks and post information for us
  6. Start an event page on your facebook - I will send you the info

I have the experience in promotion you can ask pastor JW Friday about that. I learned 20 program just so I can make this a success including all Microsoft program at BCTI as well as video mix and mastering, audio mix and mastering and made over 2000 instrumental songs youth can use for there music all owned my be to let them use. Please leave a comment.

Listen to some music click here

Jeffery Rhodes
503.975.9722  Please leave a comment.


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