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Food Fight Challenge.

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How to help promote

Sign up to perform by Registering your first box.
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What is Food Wars?

Youth compete to be the headliner in a music event

It is a program and opportunity and  is exactly what people around me said that they wanted to see. I went across the west coast asking random people what they thought might help youth make better choices and this program sums up all the ideas and hopes people had. I know this will work. I can not do this alone it is a program made to be able to look from the outside and recommend to the inside.

I need mentors to step up and say something at least leave a mentor like message on the blogs of my website. This program focuses on youth in music to include, all types of music types, singers, poetry, rappers, bands, comedy and movie skits, art, drawing and painting. I have 2000 instrumental beats that youth and supporters can use to make there own music and is all original music made by me!

I need help in  all communities everywhere to let us put boxes to receive food donations from family and by passers, employees, friends. to feed our hungry communities across the nation and to help the youth get involved with real adult stuff and challenges. But be able to feed them is important too. If they do help they can play on a stage in front of a crowd.

I want to give very youth that can fill up a barrel of donated food $50 and then help give that food out to the community sometime at the end of the month when food is low. Have the youth be inspired to make a difference and a change.

Anyone can challenge other community members at any time just make the challenge public in the Community challenges on line. A challenge is a $100 prize bonus. Both challengers will start out locating local stores and businesses where they put food donation boxes. As the food collects the challenger picks up the food by way of  family, network, (food banks if needed) local volunteers, family or team member or leaves it there and food bank will bring a barrel.

Make sure you download and print a copy of our flyer. ( Print for Box!)

Sign up to perform by registering a box and sending a picture to me to post the challenge. We will create a show to give away the free food you raise and if you fill your barrel first you get to head line the show.  As soon as you challenge the city I will start the show proceedings (set up a show in the zip code) provided that you have the  ability to do as you say! Do I hear any challenges?


If you are going to challenge here are some ways to prepare.

1.Find Local stores that will let you put donation boxes
2. Get flyers made both about you and about the cause.
3. Sell tickets and keep the money



How to play

Go hard or go home

Each youth that is in a band that wants to play head liner must compete for that position- (Headliner has VIP -Food and gets picked up and dropped off (1 person or siblings)

Go to the home page for and scroll down a little and print the flyer.

Take that flyer to local business and ask them to let you post a box to take food donations so you can be the head liner in a music show where we give the food out to the community.
Ask them if they have a box in there closet or somewhere any size box that you can use and have them print a new flyer from the website:


Show them your flyer and tell them to print the same flyer and tape it to the box or on the wall next to the box sitting on a table or on the floor. (this way you can do it from the phone)
If the boxes get full I already have food banks ready to bring barrels if boxes are over filling.
Have the business fill out an on-line box registration form so I know where the box is and give credit to the company, band or person for supporting this movement.

I will send a thank you and instructions and a FAQ Sheet for supporters

It don’t matter what state or city you are in! This program is a road map to the mountain top. We can bring youth together in music. Youth sell tickets to there friends and family, and keep the money if they stay out of trouble and in school it is a great deal plain and simple