My name is Jeff Rhodes and I started this program because over the years I have made so many beats and now I need people to rap and sing on them so what better way to find artist but this way. You can make music and get all the positive things that comes from that including popularity, and some new cloths. I am determined to make this program win above all. It is a free program for community and family. Thanks to the help of I am able to afford to give these gifts back to the community. All I need is a few good people and in no time you will see the change.


Encourage youth to dream.
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I served over 10,000 interviews, conversation, survey's, asking the same questions about what would motivate youth. Music, electronics, and games were the number one choices -Main questions were 1. Were you a drop out from high school and about 5/8 were previous dropouts.  No 2  Do you think a program like this would help a youth? over 80% said yes. 3. Would you support a program like this and over 70% said yeas so I put together a program that could run lie on the internet, were I was behind the scene. I call this program the US Program and a concept of beats4books over over 33 concepts. Check out the other beats4books concepts and please leave a comment.  (Click Here) 

I would like to as a part of my work ask each community member, business or other, where there is a lobby, to allow me to post a flyer and a box to collect food in your community and give it out to thoes in your community.


  • In 2013, 45.3 million people (14.5 percent) were in poverty.
  • In 2013, 26.4 million (13.6 percent) of people ages 18-64 were in poverty.
  • In 2013, 14.7 million (19.9 percent) children under the age of 18 were in poverty.
  • In 2013, 4.2 million (9.5 percent) seniors 65 and older were in poverty.

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