Partnership with  Jeffery Rhodes Worldwide Productions - Straightlace Productions and Rhodes Music Group. Together with local resources we can make it a better place feed people and bring out local artists for music and art.

My mission is to help feed hungry families, and  encourage youth to do music. I want to team up with all the locals youth services, city services to help tell people in the music community about services available to them - work with me I can integrate into your programs - This is called a beats4books concept meaning offering a youth (AT RISK) a opportunity in exchange for staying in school and out of trouble! (recording contract agreement item number)

My mission is to bring music and job resources (job fair and information) to the community on regular bases, giving out lots of work to do for the community as a team or network. I also work to inspire youth to create a music business and community and partnership with local companies. We encourage to create a small DBA business program for each person. Register with ASCAP or BMI. If you want to help me l need you to help me contact local businesses, around where you live, and get them to let us collect food in their lobbies partnering with local food banks. Help set up music shows and art exhibits of local youth music and art. Twice a year that's it per person unless you want to do more.

I need companies to partnership/sponsor/support with me simply let us collect food once or twice a year- We will in turn give that food out to everyone to comes to the main event and talent show. There are two shows we produce the Big Band Show (kick off) and then the sub shows to that show.

Give a donation and make this possible. (Donations)

Jeffery Rhodes

Partnerships with other promoters and music groups are available on by case basis. Here are the current lists of local promoters. 



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