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Letter to the Mayor.

This blog is a letter to any USA city Mayor. If you support this crime will fall, because we are dealing with the ones who do the crimes. This program is the best program it is awesome I need your support if you are a mayor or city official please check out my blog. If you do please comment on the blog right under it so other people can comment on your comment... I have ton a ton of research and work on this and it will work at least 50% or more. It is ready to go so be the first to try the new pilot program feed the world music tour.. Hire my Introduction show - Ranging from $2000 to $8000 our show is a Kick Off - After that show the program is designed to be self functional.  Click here for this blog

Sign my petitions.
Make our voice powerful and strong. They keep taking music out of the schools but yet it is music what motivates our kids. We have music everywhere we go and its powerful and controlling and youth love it. We can use it to our parental advantage in our program. -

Petition 1. Guns down microphones and cameras up
Petition 2. Stay in school project
Petition 3. Stop paramedics from hurting citizens
Petition 4. Help prevent high school murders


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Register to supporterHelp your city.Click now!

Sponsor a food drive.
This blog is about getting a show sponsored in your community. It talks about cost involved and a way to produce funds. If you are parents of a youth band this is where you want to start. I am sure we can find a way to help you perform and sell tickets. I need local ordinary people to help me do some extra ordinary things. Step up and be important.
This program is so nice - feel free to ask me any question here on the blog and check back for your answer. If you fundraise I have stuff you can sell like music download cards of music artist or instrumental music to make your own or just order online.  Click here for my blog

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Letter to local businesses.
This is a general blog that summarizes what we are trying to do with the  local businesses. We need to post our food collection boxes in the community to help family's with end of the month crises. The problem is if there's no food the father or older brother got to go thug to get food it make locical sence right and so this program offers relief with music and a cool event. Everyone can come and enjoy the fun. Youth can sell tickets and have a special VIP seating area for there fans that come. Click to view this blog.

Letter to the church.
This blog is talking to the churches - I want to let them know that we also have a Christian based music show as well to keep this messages from god alive. Youth need direction if they get it from someone helping them it works better. Help me provide youth in your community with options and choices. There are great resources but it is hard to get them resources into the hands of the youth. Click here to see my blog





College and High school youth support.

This blog is a letter to college and high school students who are working to be in the non-profit field, community organizing, in a music group, or a local music promoter. I need interns for this non-profit movement people that know how to work with people. If you want to work for free that is cool but if you also want to make money while you are supporting us you can as well. See you can get involved. Click here for this blog

Radio Stations/DJ's.
This blog is talking to the Radio Stations/DJ's - You guys are the blood vain of music. I need your commentary, your words of support to the people that this program is one you can relate to. This program helps youth be sure to get there ASCAP registration paid for so they can get there check. I want to help youth do music and I have been doing it for over 20 years. I have made a program to help you -r each out from your station and connect and create new fans too. You will be helping the community if you help me 100% and I am supported by local community people. Click here to read my blog





Looking for promoters.
This blog is about looking for small time promoters and producers and working with them to produce big shows around town using our program, network, and support. If you are a band you would want to check out this blog and lets get a show in your city.
We can use a school, a venue, a park or community center get support from our program in your city. If you want to get some music shows going on in your community I might be able to help you - and get you paid for your time.  I need promoters to find local businesses maybe like 5 or 10 that will let you collect food for a few weeks in the lobby. We need a strong force is there anyone out there to help make this happen? Click here for this blog

College Afro America Clubs.
This blog is talking to the controllers of the locla Afro American Clubs- You guys are the blood vain of the black man. I need your commentary, your words of support to the people that this program is one you can relate to. This program is designed to help the black man because he likes to rap and get the steam off his chest. This is the types of relief that is needed by our youth. Click here to read my blog








Hi have you ever wanted to be a mentor?

Well I am working on a pilot program call the Usprogram. Helping youth go places with their music. Making sure they get registered and start the music process to protect them and get them show to perform and give guidance and support through mentorship.  For the meat of the program we hold food drives all over the USA in small or large boxes or barrels. I work in connection with local food banks. We collect for a huge event where we invite the community to come see a music event. Half of the event is free and the other half is a donation based event. You can bring food in a bag or $5 or $10 cash. Click here for more info

Probation Officers Try This.
This blog is talking to the probation officers, I have talked to several drug addicted guys and girls and they say they love this program. If I had a way I could help these folks so I need community to help including drug counselors and Probation officers. These Girls want to do this but I need more power and authority behind me supporting it for this to work. I have at least 4 Girls and 2 Guys who want to try my program. Getting them away from the people that hold them back but to stay busy is the main consideration. Click here to read my blog





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Consider a ALBUM Listening Party?

This is a music listening party of people who put out an album and wants to play there top tracks. To see if you would like to buy the whole album.This is time friends can come and hang out for a good cause. We set these shows up and charge the price of 1 Album so everyone gets a free album of there choice. We find a DJ Through partnerships like DJ Wicked on the 1's and 2's Check out wicked Wednesday if you can - Google it! Click here for more info

Non Profits/Community Resources.

I would like for you to consider partnering with my program. This program runs in your community not my community all I do is run it and make sure the concept is delivered right. Program is ran by your community. We find leaders and mentors to help at risk youth. We give youth a chance to play there music - push them to start bands and work on there music. If you would like to partnership (read the about partnership.pdf).A partnership would mean that two times a year you would be willing to post boxes with a flyer and tell your friends about our food fight and food drive we are doing to help families at the end of the month. 









Join Food Wars?

Food wars is there local bands of all ages compete for head line position at a music event we create for giving away a bunch of food. The actual place and date will not be disclosed until we have a count on about how many people will attend so we can have space and chairs for everyone. But at least 2 to 3 weeks notice. The food that is not given out for free we will let the participates sell at a local fee market at .25 and .50 per item in the community if one exist,  the remaining will go to a food bank or equivalent. We just want to give the youth something to hold on to and hope for a better tomorrow.! Click here for more info


I am looking for full time or part time producers or promoters who would like to help me create a huge network of artist, producers, and promoters while helping the community raise food to share and also help the youth have music and fun and perform letting there friends and families come see. They sell tickets and keep the money. I need community people helping out. Find out more on my website. Read the blogs and services I offer. 
The purpose of the music show is to engage the youth with the community and to find mentors for them if possible. If you need a mentor for your child and your youth is in music group, band or artist I can look for a mentor for you. Let me know and I will post it on our web site.





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Anti-Gang Approach

My program can help pull kids out of gangs by a more business approach like a deal or proposition. But they do gotta work stay out of trouble. Please check out my website. I have over 2000 Instrumental beast youth can use to make there music that I made for them. each song is worth over $2000.00 each but the program is important so I made a big effort to see it through. Listen to some songs (Click) It is easy to get your youth started. Just start a food fight on our food wars page (Click)

Please read this nccd_fire_report  On crime and delinquency 

If we say to these gang member's Hey how about music make movies, videos, and acting we get something back. When we say hey stop doing that it gets them attention and that's all they want is just attention. After they rush of the attention is gone they Plato and become regular person because the bitterness is gone.. It's the seed back into the community.

First of all I came from a community where Gangs started. My family was directly involved on both sides, then I went to Jail and they locked me up with head gang members who were killing each. I was just trying to get out that place was awful.Taking showers with other dudes can't go anywhere. I was even locked up in the same room as one of the Big Time Skin heads.  I was a true outlaw but no one ever asked me to be in a gang because I was already molded into who I was. If you ask ever gang member what could make them change there outlook and the only answer you will get is an answer you would get from a role model for them. So I took their ideas and put it in a written format you can follow, mimic and add more of a positive approach.. Please let me run My Program through your unit. This program will change these kids.

To get started is easy just download a flyer tape it to a box, take a picture of it where you will be collecting food even if it is in your house or at a church or where ever that will start the transformation because we give youth something tangible and worth something.We need real life agendas not toy fake stuff. Email me if your interested 

After School Open Mic (freestyle)

Looking for youth members who want to open after school open mic for kids that want to someday be a rapper or a band, comedian or whatever. If you are interested in setting up a open mic at your school please contact me. I have grant information and I am building a support system help me do this and win with me. 

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Community Center's, High Schools, and Elementary's,  

I need your support to let us do shows. We will have insurance and the shows will all be clean. This program is a vital part of the community. High schools, colleges and other buildings can be used to do great things in the community. Let me know if I can count on you. Please comment


Local Internships

It is going to take internships to help our community do better. Click for post

  1 intern





Looking Parents and Community Members.
This blog is about looking for regular parents and community people to ask there boss at work can we put a empty box with a flyer or sticker on it asking for food donations for the community. 1 in every 6 people in america starve daily - over 1 million homeless teens in the US that have no home or food - and over 7000 youth dropout of school each school day and this is our focus to change with this program so please ask your boss at work. This will work just try it one time and see. I have done the research and this will save thousands of lives.
We can put the box in the lunch room, in the lobby or in your office for your employees to bring food and for the community to have a place to drop off food donations. Please COMMENT Click here for this blog

Fiscal Sponsoring 

This company is not a non profit yet - Therefore we need non-profits to support us. Click for more info