"We keep moving forward, opening new doors, and bring youth opportunity is the only way to keep youth out of trouble. Meet them on there playing field and encourage them though hope and many chances to try!." Sign up here to do what ever it is you want. Register and come to the first event. If you want to perform for the first event put that in your request.

Please read the below information and copy, paste, print, forward, share our page to support youth fun activity.

- Jeffery Rhodes


Freestyle Rappers Comments

I invite the whole N Portland Area residents and friends to help find local freestyle rappers. Once we have enough we can do functions all the time and compete for cash and prizes. What do you think about that?

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Rappers Wanted

looking to start your our record label? Lets try to find you a mentor who knows about the business to help you.  Want to perform around town during the summer? Would you like that? Comment?

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Talent show

Please comment, share, sign up, for our talent show and community contests. Make up your own contest if there are enough to challenge you we will let you compete. What kind of contest do you want?

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